Therapy Resources and Worksheets

Our free therapy resources include therapy worksheets, tools, e-books, videos and handouts for therapists of all kinds: mental health providers, speech, occupational and physical therapists. You can navigate through our library of therapy resources by clicking on the topic of your interest, e.g. CBT worksheets, anger management worksheets, anxiety worksheets, speech, etc.

SMART Goals Worksheet

This CBT worksheet serves as a reference for SMART goals criteria, a guide for setting of objectives and making meaningful progress. Work through this PDF to begin the goal setting process.

Using “I-statements” Worksheet

This CBT worksheet helps clients to better communicate by using I-statements rather than relying on language that places blame.

Feeling Positive Self-Esteem Worksheet

This CBT worksheet provides activities for building self-esteem and positive thinking.

Dealing With Guilt Worksheet

Use this CBT worksheet to help clients understand and cope with feelings of guilt.

Challenging Your Negative Thoughts Worksheet

Use this CBT Worksheet to help your clients challenge negative thoughts that may be contributing to anxiety and depression.

Stress Worksheet

Take advantage of this stress worksheet to explore stress, the impact of stress and the response to stress.

SOAP Notes Template

A subjective, objective, assessment, and plan (SOAP) note is a documentation method used by health providers to record patient information, from the intake form and diagnosis to the treatment plan and progress notes.

First Impressions - Icebreaker Activity Worksheet

Build up camaraderie and spark meaningful conversation in your group therapy sessions with the First Impressions activity.

Something About Me - People Match Icebreaker

A group activity to start off group therapy, get group members comfortable and engaged in a fun matchmaking activity.

Life Story Worksheet

This 3-part PDF worksheet is used to help clients to understand their path and purpose. This can help put them understand what their path to fulfillment looks like.

The 10 Principles of Recovery List

This one page list describes each of the 10 Principles of Recovery. The sheet can be used as a reference by clients in recovery as they work through their process.

Emotion Faces For Kids

This worksheet uses cartoon emotion faces that children can identify with to support emotional development and communication exercises.

Basic Emotion Assessment

This PDF worksheet allows clients to quickly communicate how they are feeling on a sliding scale using vocabulary they are sure to understand.

List of Emotions Worksheet

This is a free downloadable PDF worksheet, a list of emotions, that can be used in therapy exercises, as an icebreaker, or for vocabulary.

Physical Therapy SOAP Note - Interactive PDF Template

Physical therapy SOAP notes are a thorough and organized way of documenting patient progress


Following the ACCEPTS acronym gives tools to help distract clients until they are more able to successfully manage their emotions.

PLEASE: The Mind-Body Connection

PLEASE DPT worksheet aids the client in recognizing the areas of physical health that need attention if they are to remain emotionally anchored.

Opposite Action to Emotion Worksheet

You may have heard the advice to never make a decision when feeling emotional. Unfortunately, many people act on their negative emotions and the outcomes are usually less than desirable.

How To Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is everywhere now but its popularity sprouted from the ascendance of DBT. Recognizing that stress is responsible for much of emotional dysregulation and feelings of distress, mindfulness is a main DBT component.

Do I Exhibit Wise Mind?

Self-destructive acts often result from reliance on emotional thoughts as opposed to rational ones (emotional mind).

What Is Your Best Possible Self Worksheet?

What is your best possible self-worksheet focuses on what a client would like to optimally achieve with their life.

Feelings About Myself Self-Esteem Worksheet

The feelings about myself self- esteem worksheet is a way to assess level of self-esteem.

My Strengths Self-Esteem Worksheet

My strengths self- esteem worksheet is a simple way to remind a client of their favorable qualities, especially during times where their thoughts may skew negatively.

Positive Experiences Self-Esteem Worksheet

The positive experiences self-esteem worksheet helps clients identify positive experiences in their life, specifically focusing on times when they exhibited admirable qualities.

Self-esteem Showing Gratitude Worksheet

The showing gratitude self-esteem worksheet can be utilized during one-on-one session by the mental health provider or it can be given to the client as homework.

Daily Self- Esteem Journal Worksheet

The daily self-esteem journal worksheet can be used by mental health providers during session or it can be assigned by clinicians to clients for home practice.

Partner Appreciation Worksheet

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a satisfying romantic relationship is appreciation. Unfortunately, expressing appreciation towards a partner may be lacking or wane over time.

Negative Cycles Worksheet

Couples often get involved in "negative cycles" a pattern of interaction that causes problems within a marriage. The cycle begins as an initial reaction to a partner’s behavior and escalates from there.

Four horsemen worksheet

Famed couples researcher John Gottman has identified four styles of communicationcriticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling—that predict relationship failure.

Marital Satisfaction Worksheet

Fill out the following chart to find out if you are satisfied with your partner and what areas need change.

Getting to Know Your Partner

Although you might find it surprising, many couples don’t know their partners that well. Having knowledge of your partner is a key to emotional intimacy, one of the most important factors in a good relationship.

7 -Step Anxiety Reduction Model Worksheet

The 7-step anxiety reduction model can be used by mental health providers during session or it can be assigned by the clinician to clients for home practice.

Anxiety Ladder

The anxiety ladder worksheet can be used by mental health providers during session or it can be assigned by the clinician to clients for home practice.

Anxiety Thought Record

The anxiety thought record worksheet can be used by mental health providers during session or it can be assigned by the clinician to clients for home practice. This thought record focuses on changing anxious thoughts.

Anxiety Triggers

The Anxiety Triggers worksheet can be used by mental health providers during session or it can be assigned by the clinician to clients for home practice. The first step in reducing anxiety is to identify one’s triggers.

Quick Tips for Reducing Anxiety

This worksheet focuses on the principles of anxiety management and can be assigned by therapists to clients who struggle with anxiety for home practice or it can be used during therapy session.

Ultimate Teletherapy E-Book

Telehealth for Therapists: All You Need To Know To Take Your Practice Online.

How to Beat Anger in 5 Steps

This worksheet puts together the principles of anger management in a brief five-step approach.

Levels of Anger Worksheet

This levels of anger worksheet measures the degrees of anger.

Anger Warning Signs Worksheet

Anger Warning Signs, or cues, are indications that you are becoming angry.

Anger Triggers Worksheet

Understanding Anger Triggers is the first part of anger management. Triggers can take multiple forms.

Anger Management Skills for Children Worksheet

Children are not adults. They process information differently and certain coping skills are over their heads.

Anger Diary Worksheet

An Anger Diary is used for the client to see the triggers, cues, thoughts, and consequences regarding anger-inducing events.

Anger Management Skills for Adults Worksheet

Once you understand that you are angry you need to do something about it.