CBT Worksheets

Printable and digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) worksheets mental health professionals can use with individual clients during therapy sessions with clients

SMART Goals Worksheet

This CBT worksheet serves as a reference for SMART goals criteria, a guide for setting of objectives and making meaningful progress. Work through this PDF to begin the goal setting process.

Using “I-statements” Worksheet

This CBT worksheet helps clients to better communicate by using I-statements rather than relying on language that places blame.

Feeling Positive Self-Esteem Worksheet

This CBT worksheet provides activities for building self-esteem and positive thinking.

Dealing With Guilt Worksheet

Use this CBT worksheet to help clients understand and cope with feelings of guilt.

Challenging Your Negative Thoughts Worksheet

Use this CBT Worksheet to help your clients challenge negative thoughts that may be contributing to anxiety and depression.

Stress Worksheet

Take advantage of this stress worksheet to explore stress, the impact of stress and the response to stress.