HIPAA-compliant EHR & teletherapy video platform.


TheraPlatform is the best in class HIPAA-compliant practice management, EHR and teletherapy platform designed for private practice and enterprises. Our software includes features tailored to the requirements of psychologists, mental health providers, social workers, medical doctors, behavioral therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and others. It facilitates a secure and user-friendly virtual office.

Let TheraPlatform help your organization implement teletherapy!

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Why should your organization or private practice choose TheraPlatform?


A secure and HIPAA-compliant platform is required by law when providing teletherapy. TheraPlatform was built to meet and exceed all HIPAA requirements.

Easy Set-Up

No additional hardware or software is required. Your organization can begin providing teletherapy services instantly!


Your organization can count on constant technical support from our team!

Happy Providers = Happy Organizations

Your providers will have access to our built-in tools and therapeutic materials, allowing them to conduct interactive therapy instantly. Your providers will enjoy their work even more when they spend less time preparing their own materials!

Time Tracking

Your organization will know exactly when your providers enter and exit the virtual room with our time tracking feature!

Staff Training

Our team will train your staff and providers to smoothly implement TheraPlatform!


New in TheraPlatform: More practice management and EHR features supporting both in office and telehealth visits!

We hope you had a great summer! We had a very busy summer here at TheraPlatform, developing new and innovative features. We also made few updates to our current features to make your practice as efficient as possible.

  • 8/31/2018

Adapting Client Centered Therapy to the Teletherapy Approach

In today’s mental health treatment, another revolution is occurring as many providers are now offering client sessions through telehealth approaches over internet video chats. Learn all about how you can adapt the classic principles of client centered therapy to the modality of teletherapy

  • 8/9/2018

Insurance, Telehealth and You

After you’ve decided on your technology, chosen your platform and delineated the process for adding telehealth services to your practice, there’s one more question you need to ask: "How will I get paid?"

  • 5/10/2018