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A growing library of over 40 therapy apps and games

Increase engagement and improve outcomes

Bring your sessions to life with 40+ therapy apps and games! Apps developed side-by-side with clinicians to target various disorders and therapy objectives.

Clients won't want to miss a session once you've incorporated fun and interactive therapy apps as part of your program.

Target disorders and objectives like :
Articulation Auditory Processing Language Memory Social Skills Reasoning Critical Thinking
Encourage participation with reward games

Encourage participation with reward games

Tap into our rewards games feature, where you can enable reward incentives that deliver based on your client's engagement and interaction during therapy app activities.

You decide how the rewards system works - with sound effects or without, after one successful action or after five. Customize the experience to meet your needs.

Sandbox games promote freedom and creativity

Offer your clients an open-play experience with one of our unstructured sandbox environments.

We have all kinds of environments for your clients to explore. Go to the fire station, the beach, a construction site, the park, or the farm! Find a sandbox that fits your client's personality.

Sandbox games promote freedom and creativity
Easy to facilitate and stay on task

Easy to facilitate and stay on task

Your clients will have access to interact and manipulate with the therapy apps with you but you will have the ability to quickly and easily switch off permissions during your live sessions, with the click of a button.

Keep clients on task so that your meeting therapy goals.

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