GROW Model Template

GROW model is a commonly used technique that acts as a guide for therapists to aid clients in thinking through the goal-setting process.

GROW Model Template

GROW Model Template

Creating psychotherapy goals can help clients improve their well-being but — when done poorly — it can also hinder progress. A constructive way to craft a treatment counseling goal is by using the GROW technique.


In this first step, you will help clients identify appropriate counseling goals for treatment.


Therapy goals are not helpful if they aren’t grounded in reality. A therapist needs to ask practical questions to make sure a counseling goal is appropriate for treatment.


This part of the process is designed to help the client examine the steps they need to take if they were to accomplish the counseling goal.


The final step of the process focuses on a client’s commitment and motivation toward achieving the counseling goal. The therapist asks the client to look forward to achieving the goal and what it might take to get there.

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