Anger Warning Signs Worksheet

Anger Warning Signs, or cues, are indications that you are becoming angry.

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Anger Warning Signs

Anger Warning Signs, or cues, are indications that you are becoming angry. They can be physical signs, such as a clenched fist, or a cognitive indicator, such as an angry thought. Understanding what happens to you when you begin to get angry is crucial in preventing negative responses. Anger comes on quickly and if you respond too late you will have little chance of managing anger effectively.

Anger management will not be successful if therapists are unable to help their clients understand their warning signs. People are not always consciously aware of their cues and the therapist may need to help them recognize what is going on with them. Because a warning sign is an indicator that a client needs to initiate a coping response, therapists must emphasize them as a critical part of the anger management process. This anger warning signs worksheet should be given as homework and then regularly reviewed in session.

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Anger Diary Worksheets

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