Therapy Notes and Documentation

Paperless, Centralized, HIPAA Compliant

Note-taking that’s fast and flexible

TheraPlatform paperless notes makes it routine to track and record patient's progress over the entire duration of their care.

Add therapy notes from the chart, calendar or during live sessions. Save time with easy note duplication and take notes when it's most convenient for your team. Built-in templates and tools help you maintain great records and simplify your workflows.

All of your records in one place :
Assessments Treatment Plans Progress notes SOAP Notes Note Duplication Discharge Notes
Simplify Note-taking

Record notes when it's most convenient, in the format that works best for your practice.

Get Audit Ready

Prepare for audits by government agencies and insurance companies with consistent progress notes.

Save Time With Templates

Access flexible templates for all standard note types and several specialty note types.

Consistent recordkeeping with note templates

Consistent recordkeeping with note templates

Access our built-in library of templates for progress notes, assessments, treatment plans and other therapy note types.

Leverage templates as-is or modify them with new fields, buttons and pick lists to meet your needs. You can even build entirely new templates from scratch.

Build custom templates with:
Signature Fields Yes/No Checkboxes Text Fields Required Fields Picklists Date/Time Fields

Client progress tracking and insights

Set goals, objectives and interventions and track your clients’ progress with out built-in progress tracker.

Stay on top of missing notes with our built-in tracker Request client signatures on treatment plans and therapy notes
Client progress tracking and insights
Brand alignment

Easily record diagnostic codes

Use the searchable ICD-10 library to find the codes you need.

Treatment plans with ICD codes auto-populate to your progress notes saving you valuable time.

Wiley Treatment Planners Integration

Save hours of your time with ready-made plan components.

Customize treatment plans with over 1,000 clear statements describing the behavioral manifestations of each relational problem.

Reliable evidence-based objectives and interventions along with suggestions for homework assignments to accompany them.

Wiley Treatment Planners

Customer Spotlight: Danny Zander

"Sometimes people are afraid to start something new. Pursue your passion if it’s important to you! TheraPlatform is very supportive of small businesses, empowers your business and helps make it possible."


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