Anxiety Thought Record

The Anxiety Thought worksheet can be used by mental health providers during sessions or teletherapy to focus on changing anxious thoughts.

Quick Tips for Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety Thought Record

The anxiety thought record worksheet can be used by mental health providers during session or it can be assigned by the clinician to clients for home practice. This thought record focuses on changing anxious thoughts.

It 1) helps one to recognize disordered thinking patterns that contribute to fear and worry and 2) then replace those “bad” thoughts more with more adaptive thinking. After one experiences an anxiety-provoking situation one fills out this chart. You can make multiple entries on one page. The situation section answers the W questions. What happened? When did it happen? Who was involved? The original thought is the thought that popped into your head as it occurred. No need to edit it, write it down exactly as you thought it. The evidence section is filled with the facts that support-or don’t support—your original thought. The healthier thought asks you to replace the original thought with a more realistic thought.

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