Levels of Anger Worksheet

This levels of anger worksheet measures the degrees of anger.

Levels of Anger Worksheets

Levels of Anger Worksheet

An Anger Diary is used for the client to see the triggers, cues, thoughts, and consequences regarding anger-inducing events. This provides them with the complete picture of how their anger develops and how they cope with the situation. Seeing the entire process written down helps people understand their weaknesses and the areas they need to further address.

This levels of anger worksheet measures the degrees of anger. After a person has encountered a trigger and a warning sign, they are going to experience anger. It is integral to the anger management process for clients to see how specific triggers are matched with certain levels of anger.

For therapists, an anger thermometer tells them which triggers cause a client the most distress and what interventions to use. In general, the more severe the anger, the more you will want to rely on a physical coping process, such as deep breathing. If anger is very high, a cognitive coping measure is unlikely to be successful. In addition, a therapist may want to start to work on lower level triggers first to build confidence in coping skills.

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