Insurance Billing Software for Therapists

Clearinghouse Integration, Claim Batching, Auto Claims, EOB and ERA

Maximize your reimbursements and earn more

Don't let errors during the claim submission process impact your ability to get paid. Real-time validation checks for missing NPI numbers, billing addresses, phone numbers, demographics and more. Catch common human errors before claims are submitted.

Track claims in real time, match payments to already submitted claims, and quickly find unpaid, denied, or pended claims.

Modernize your claims process with :
Auto Claims Real-time Tracking Claim Batching Automated EOBs & ERAs Real-time Validation
Earn More

Automatic claim validation and tracking will help your practice to speed up and increase reimbursements.

Reach More Clients

Accepting insurance and Medicaid will widen and diversify your pool of potential clientele.

Save Time on Claims

Reduce rejections with auto claim submission, claim batching, and automated EOB and ERAs.

Generate detailed reports

Generate detailed reports

Visit the reporting section inside TheraPlatform for big picture visibility into all of your claims. Review aging claims, claims by service type, and authorization status.

You can even track your profits from different insurance payers.

Built-in reports:
Aging Claims Clams by Service Authorizations Monthly Claims Summary

Simplify the claims process

Scrub, submit, match and post payments with our built-in claims management tools. Through TheraPlatform you'll have access to submit claims to over 2,000 available payers.

Automatically create and submit claims on a set schedule and do it faster than ever with claim batching.

Simplify the claims process
Quick reconciliation and payment

Quick reconciliation and payment

Submit claims with fewer errors and take advantage of automated invoicing, watch as payments post when invoices are paid.

Customer Spotlight: Danny Zander

"Sometimes people are afraid to start something new. Pursue your passion if it’s important to you! TheraPlatform is very supportive of small businesses, empowers your business and helps make it possible."


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