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“TheraPlatform is excellent! It has made teletherapy so simple and fun. Teletherapy has transformed from something scary and unknown to something easy that I love!”

Nikki M. Speech-Language Pathologist

“I am THRILLED to be able to offer this secure, interactive service delivery option to my families!”

Barbara H. Speech-Language Pathologist

“TheraPlatform is the most useful, easy to use platform for telepractice on the marketplace.”

David S.

“This is the best teletherapy platform, that I have seen, yet!”

Sandy C. Speech-Language Pathologist

“I enjoy using Theraplatform with my students. It is easy to access. Quick log in and my kids are usually waiting on the waiting room.”

Becky P. Speech-Language Pathologist

“It was my very best option for my small private practice. The software does not require much effort from the clients or the therapist. It is user friendly.”

Erica H. Therapist/Owner

“Easy to use for both clinicians, families and individuals. It is a very comprehensive platform, unlike other platforms that only offer video features, Theraplatform includes, scheduling, therapy materials, documentation, and more. Technical support is very reliable. I like the fact the company is constantly making changes and adding features which make the tele-therapy model more effective. I highly recommend this platform for tele-therapy services. The best thing is that is not only limited to providing services in the States but anywhere in the world with a click of a button.”


“They are very responsive and listen to the user and do what they can to resolve issues. Good product and fair price.”

Mary M.

“This has been a great resource and tool for me to use in my private practice. I like all the new features being added, as well. The patients have responded well to the interface.”

Hillary K.

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