PIRP notes template

PIRP notes are a problem-focused approach to note taking that allows clinicians to craft accurate documents on client progress while staying organized. Download your free PIRP notes template.

PIRP notes template

PIRP notes template

PIRP notes are a standardized form of note-taking that summarizes client sessions and allow you to track progress as well as communicate critical details to other healthcare providers.

The PIRP note is broken down into four components:

  • Problem: Client’s health concern or condition and may include symptoms or diagnosis.
  • Intervention: Proposed action, intervention or treatment to address client’s issue. Examples include type of therapy provided.
  • Response: Summary of how the client is responding to treatment or any changes the client is experiencing as a result of the treatment.
  • Plan: The plan outlines next steps for the client’s care and addressing the issue such as follow-up appointments or referrals.
  • TIP: When using this template, remember to keep the entries focused and concise.

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