Self-Esteem Worksheets

Our Free Self-Esteem Worksheets for counselor and therapists are aimed to help your clients identify how they perceive their self-worth. In addition, they give clients tools to counteract negative thoughts they may have about themselves.

What Is Your Best Possible Self Worksheet?

What is your best possible self-worksheet focuses on what a client would like to optimally achieve with their life.

Feelings About Myself Self-Esteem Worksheet

The feelings about myself self- esteem worksheet is a way to assess level of self-esteem.

My Strengths Self-Esteem Worksheet

My strengths self- esteem worksheet is a simple way to remind a client of their favorable qualities, especially during times where their thoughts may skew negatively.

Positive Experiences Self-Esteem Worksheet

The positive experiences self-esteem worksheet helps clients identify positive experiences in their life, specifically focusing on times when they exhibited admirable qualities.

Self-esteem Showing Gratitude Worksheet

The showing gratitude self-esteem worksheet can be utilized during one-on-one session by the mental health provider or it can be given to the client as homework.

Daily Self- Esteem Journal Worksheet

The daily self-esteem journal worksheet can be used by mental health providers during session or it can be assigned by clinicians to clients for home practice.