Billing Software for Therapists

Automated Invoicing, Payment Tracking, Reporting, eClaim, EOB & ERA

Maximize revenue and speed up payments

TheraPlatform makes billing and reconciliation simple. Built-in tracking and reporting helps you keep up with every client, the services they're receiving, payment statuses and more.

Automate repetitive tasks, reduce administrative overhead, and stay on top of overdue payments.

Speed up your revenue cycle with :
Credit Card Processing Invoice Batching Reporting Superbills Email Payment Reminders
Speed Up Payments

Accept payments online and send payment reminders to encourage payment.

Monitor Client Payments

Built-in reporting to track overdue payments, billed services and linked providers.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Generate invoices and superbills automatically and even auto-charge clients with their CC on file.

Efficiently track payments and profit

Efficiently track payments and profit

Quickly generate reporting on overdue invoices, aging invoices, billed services and related providers.

Review billing status for specific clients from their charts or hop over to the reporting tab for a full view of all transactions.

Built in reporting for :
Aging Invoices Overdue Invoices Transactions Billed Services Service Providers

Flexible billing automation

With TheraPlatform you can be as hands on as you’d like with your billing. It’s possible to automate every part of the billing process, invoicing, claims, reminders, and payments.

Customize the frequency and timing of your payment reminders and generate invoices on a set schedule. Prefer to handle things directly? Turn off automation and take control.

Create Invoices Send Reminders Charge Payment Create Claims Submit Claims Create Superbills
Flexible billing automation
Quick and convenient payment processing

Quick and convenient payment processing

Having credit card information on file means faster check out and a no-hassle payment process for clients.

Collect payments before or after a session. Easily apply cash or check payments to invoices. View all financial transactions from the reports tab.

Scale up your operation

Add your billing team members to the platform at no additional charge. You can scale up your operation as necessary to reach business goals, add to the billing team as your practice grows.

Billing users can :
Post Payments Submit eClaims Print Notes Create Invoices and Superbills
 Save hours of your time with ready-made plan components

Customer Spotlight: Danny Zander

"Sometimes people are afraid to start something new. Pursue your passion if it’s important to you! TheraPlatform is very supportive of small businesses, empowers your business and helps make it possible."


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