The Ultimate Insurance Billing Guide for Therapists

Discover the best ways to streamline your insurance billing and save you and your clients time.

The Ultimate Insurance Billing Guide for Therapists

The Ultimate Insurance Billing Guide for Therapists

Insurance billing is unlike most things you do and is a process with its own language and protocol. Get it right and chances are, payments come in as expected. Get it wrong, and you’re faced with trying to unravel a situation you may not understand. It can feel like an impossible task. Whether you’re currently battling billing woes or trying to prevent them, our insurance billing guide will help clarify billing questions and you’ll be on your way to getting paid. 

In this insurance billing guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to participate in insurance panels and credentialing
  • Next steps once you’re credentialed
  • How eligibility, benefits, and prior authorization affect your practice
  • Whether clearinghouses are right for you
  • How to avoid common billing mistakes
  • How to ensure that your claims are “clean” and reduce the number of rejected claims
  • What to do when your claims are denied
  • How to automate your billing and insurance claim submitting 
  • Common terminology around insurance billing (e.g CAQH, COB, CPT codes, etc.)
  • Commonly asked questions by private practice owners starting with insurance billing
  • And more !

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