DBT Worksheets

Our DBT Worksheets for Therapists and Counselors are easy to follow and will help your clients to practice DBT techniques in the real world.


Following the ACCEPTS acronym gives tools to help distract clients until they are more able to successfully manage their emotions.

PLEASE: The Mind-Body Connection

PLEASE DPT worksheet aids the client in recognizing the areas of physical health that need attention if they are to remain emotionally anchored.

Opposite Action to Emotion Worksheet

You may have heard the advice to never make a decision when feeling emotional. Unfortunately, many people act on their negative emotions and the outcomes are usually less than desirable.

How To Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is everywhere now but its popularity sprouted from the ascendance of DBT. Recognizing that stress is responsible for much of emotional dysregulation and feelings of distress, mindfulness is a main DBT component.

Do I Exhibit Wise Mind?

Self-destructive acts often result from reliance on emotional thoughts as opposed to rational ones (emotional mind).