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Tools for therapists, therapy tools

Tools for therapists may include web sites, directories, EHRs and email platforms and can help make managing and marketing a private therapy practice more efficient. Private therapy practice requires a lot of work, knowledge and organization and knowing the ideal tools for therapists can save you many hours going through online resources, reading reviews, or even talking to colleagues to find the tools that fit your needs. You’ll also need to budget money for products and services when starting and managing a private practice, and the time you spend searching could be spent seeing clients to earn money.

This list of tools for therapists is an outline to help you run a successful practice and save you some time going down the internet dark hole.

Session-building resources

These resources are considered among the most effective tools for therapists to help you find worksheets, activities, and other tools to use during your sessions with clients or to assign as homework.

Therapist Aid: Therapist Aid offers a library of worksheets, videos, articles, and interactive tools. You can access some resources for free. 

Psychology Tools: On Psychology Tools you can access handouts, worksheets, scales, audio, and articles. They offer a limited amount of downloads for free. With a paid membership you have access to freely share with clients and the ability to share with your clients directly from the site.

Theraplatform: In addition to EMR/EHR and practice management software, TheraPlatform offers free worksheets therapists and counselors can utilize in session or assign as homework. 

Here are their popular worksheets: 

Practice-building resources

For therapists looking to start and build a private practice, here are other tools for therapists.

Website-building resources

When it comes to building your own private practice website, you have many options – from using a developer, doing it yourself, or hiring a company that specializes in custom websites for therapists. Here are a few to consider:

Brighter Vision: Brighter Vision offers custom websites and marketing for therapists. They can help manage your social media and blog posts.

SquareSpace: SquareSpace is a DIY option for building and managing your website. They offer templates and training for you.

Therapist directory sites

Many therapists choose to list their practice in a therapist directory. A directory offers search options for clients with the ability to filter based on criteria and needs. These directories are excellent tools for therapists.

Psychology Today: Psychology Today offers therapists a paid monthly subscription to list your practice. It also offers a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform as part of the monthly subscription. They also produce blogs and a magazine.

Good Therapy: Good Therapy offers a paid monthly subscription to list your practice. Additionally, they offer training sessions and a blog.

Therapy Den: WithTherapy Den, you can create a free therapy practice listing. 

HIPAA-compliant email platforms

If you choose to communicate with any clients or any other providers regarding your clients, you should use a HIPAA-compliant email platform.

Hushmail: Hushmail allows you to send encrypted emails as well as secure webforms to your clients. They also have a secure messaging center to exchange messages and an option to collect electronic signatures. They have monthly and annual subscription plans.

Virtu: Virtu offers HIPAA-compliant encrypted emails and has several different monthly plans available.

Google Workspace:  With a paid Google workspace account you can request a Business Associate Agreement and have a HIPAA-compliant email option, however they do not offer encrypted email.

Therapy practice-related podcasts and video lessons

You can learn more about building and running a private practice from many podcasts available to you.

Some podcasts to explore include:

You can also sign up for newsletters and join the social media communities related to these podcasts. Podcast sites are considered some of the best tools for therapists because of the sheer amount of information available on therapy topics of all kinds.

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Payment and invoicing resources

Most electronic health records (EHRs) offer invoicing and payment collection options. If you do not have an EHR or prefer another option, several options are available for you. Keep in mind that whichever platform you choose, you need to connect it to your business bank account. Below are some of the payment tools for therapists:

Stripe: Stripe offers a platform with many services including collecting payments, issuing invoices, and terminals for in-person payments. 

Square:  Square will process payments for you online as well as with a terminal for in-person payments. 

Paypal: Paypal has a business option in addition to their personal plan. With a business plan, you can accept payments online, through your website, or with a terminal.

Online continuing education

Taking continuing education (CE) courses has never been easier with all the online offerings. You can find a wide variety of companies, agencies, and courses to choose from to obtain your necessary continuing education credits as well as enhance your skills and knowledge regarding treating your clients and running a practice. The sites below are considered great tools for therapists when it comes to continuing education. 

Zur Institute: The Zur Institute offers a wide variety of courses, certifications, and webinars. 

Behavioral Health CE: You can search and take many different online courses and obtain required CE’s. 

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Other software tools to consider

The list could grow pretty long when talking about software that can help you run your practice more efficiently and successfully. You might want to consider an:

Electronic Health Record (EMR/EHR): An electronic health record such as TheraPlatform can help you to better manage and run your practice and communicate with your clients.

Email Service Provider: An email service provider can help with marketing needs. This type of program can organize and send out large marketing emails to potential clients.

You can send out newsletters, promotions, etc. using an email service provider:

Running a private practice can take a lot of time and work. Creating your go-to list of tools for therapists can help to save time and money.


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