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TheraPlatform offers flexible plans and pricing. No need to pay for two separate systems, have all you need to run your business in one place.

$ 39

Perfect for a single provider who requires basic video conferencing, documentation and billing.

$ 49

$39 each additional provider

Perfect for providers who require advanced video conferencing, documentation, billing and insurance.

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Pro Plus
$ 59

$49 each additional provider

Perfect for providers who require advanced video conferencing with interactive apps, documentation, billing and insurance.

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Basic Pro Pro Plus
Unlimited Clients
Unlimited HIPAA Compliant Video
Interactive Whiteboard
Resource Sharing with Annotations
Resource Library
Session Recording ($0.03 per minute)
29 Interactive Apps
Thousands of ready to use activities
Video Sharing
2-way Screen Sharing
Waiting Room
Group Session
Observe Providers
Time Tracking
Score Tracking
Automated Scoring
Before Session Billing
Online appointment booking
Booking widget for Your website
Interactive Calendar
Color Coded Calendar
Email Meeting Reminders
Text Meeting Reminders ($0.02 per message)
Free Schedulers Accounts
Custom Notifications
Client Portal
Client Sharing
Google Calendar Sync
Multiple Providers View
Custom Views
Therapy Notes
Custom Notes Templates
Progress Notes
Treatment Plans
Paperless Consent Forms
Paperless Intake Forms
Chart and Discharge Notes
Notes Template Builder
Goal Tracking
Progress Tracking
PDF Notes Export
Note Cosigning
Note Attachments
Wiley Planner ($15 per provider)
Claim Filling ($0.25 per claim)
Claim Payment Reports
Accept Credit Cards
Automated Invoicing
Free Biller Accounts
After Session Billing
Client Portal
Secure Messaging
Branded Portal
Home Work Sharing
Single Sign On (Contact us)
Custom Domain (Contact Us)

Frequently asked questions

What is TheraPlatform?

TheraPlatform is a secure and HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform with EMR and practice management features for therapists, private practices, and organizations.

Do I have to download anything to run TheraPlatform?

No, you don’t have to download anything! TheraPlatform is web-based and you can access it via Internet browser.

What are the technical requirements to use TheraPlatform?

To use TheraPlatform, you need: - A computer or mobile device - A built-in or external camera - A microphone, speakers, or a headphone - The latest version of the Google Chrome browser or Firefox browser for computers - The latest version of Safari browser for iPads and iPhones - The latest version of Google Chrome browser for Android devices.

What Internet connection speed do I need to use TheraPlatform?

TheraPlatform operates at low bandwidth levels, however the greater is your Internet speed, the greater the overall experience. We recommend: Ping: 25, Download: 3Mbps/sec, Upload: 3Mbps/sec.

How can I test my Internet connection speed?

You can test your Internet connection speed using Test Setup tool.

Are there ways of improving Internet connection speed?

If you tested your Internet connection speed and you are not satisfied with your speed you can contact your Internet provider to upgrade to a better plan. You might try to use wired connection. Our tech support will be happy to give you a few more suggestions.

How long does it take to set up TheraPlatform?

Just a minute or two: you simply create an account on our website, pick a name for your virtual office (url) and you’re done!

Can I start using TheraPlatform right away?

Yes, you can!

Is TheraPlatform HIPAA compliant?

Yes, TheraPlatform complies with physical, administrative, and technical HIPPA’s regulations and with the HIPAA Security Rule. We have policies and procedures in place, and our staff is trained on HIPAA standards. We also conduct annual risk assessment to ensure that our platform continues to meet HIPAA standards.

Does TheraPlatform provide business associate agreement?

We provide and sign business associate agreement (BAA) without additional charge!

Do you offer a branded portal or white label, and how much does it cost?

A white label, aka a branded portal, allows you to upload your company’s logo and name to our platform so that when you and your client log in to TheraPlatform, your company’s name and logo appear instead of our name in our platform, with a message at the bottom of the page indicating “Powered by TheraPlatform.” We do not charge any set-up fee for a white label, and it is available in the Pro and Pro Plus Plans.

How much does the subscription to TheraPlatform cost?

We offer plans for $39, $49 and $59 per provider per month.

Do you offer discounts?

Please contact us at info at theraplatform dot com to discuss your needs and budget.

Do I have to sign a yearly contract to use TheraPlatform?

No. You do not need to sign any contract with us.

How many therapists or providers can I add to one account?

As many as you want!

Can I use TheraPlatform outside USA?

Yes, we support most countries.

Do you offer a free trial and for how long?

Yes, we offer a free 30-day trial!

Is it easy for my clients to join online session?

It is super easy and flexible! They can either join you via secure link (that expires) without any logins or passwords. They can also join online session via client’s portal with a password that they created.

Can I change the layout of the video?

Yes, you can.

Do you offer secure chat and messaging?

Yes we offer both secure chat and messaging.

Can I collect credit card payments from my clients in TheraPlatform?

Yes, you can collect credit card payments from your clients either before or after session.

Do you offer invoicing?

Yes, some of our plans offer invoicing. You can also securely send invoices to your clients via our platform.

Does TheraPlatform allow you to schedule?

Yes, you can schedule both your office and telehealth clients using our scheduler. Your clients will also receive reminder about their sessions/meetings.

Can I send intake and consent forms to my clients and will they be able to fill them out?

Yes, you can send your forms in TheraPlatform and your clients will be able to fill them out. Once they do, you will receive a notification and you can review them in our system.

Can I document in TheraPlatform?

Yes, some of our plans allow you to document (Assessment and treatment plan, chart notes, progress notes, etc.). You can document on your both office and telehealth clients. You can document during live session or after session.

Do you offer any note templates?

Yes, some of our plans offer note templates. You can use our note templates from the library. You can modify our templates and you can build any note template you wish from scratch using our note template builder.

Does TheraPlatform include any features or materials that therapists can use during online therapy?

Yes, some of our plans include built-in features to help therapists deliver the most effective and dynamic therapy. In addition to its secure and HIPAA compliant video conferencing, TheraPlatform offers a built-in white board, document sharing, screen sharing, and apps. Therapists can also watch videos with their clients.

Are the above features interactive?

Yes, the above features are interactive on both sides (the therapist’s and the client’s sides).

Can I use my own therapeutic materials, such as handouts and worksheets in TheraPlatform?

Yes. TheraPlatform allows therapists to use their own materials, such as worksheets, as long as these are in PDF format or are converted to PDF format. Therapists can easily organize their own materials in TheraPlatform and retrieve them for sharing and annotation during live sessions with their clients. You can also assign your resources for home practice or education.

I am a member of a few educational websites that I use with my clients during therapy. Can I still use these websites in TheraPlatform?

Yes. Our screen-sharing feature allows you and your client to view websites together during a session and both of you can interact online, e.g. playing games, etc.

Can I video-record TheraPlatform to promote my business?

You will need our written permission, and we may or may not grant you one. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions and require our permission.

What is the best way to learn how to use TheraPlatform?

Our platform is very user friendly, and we have a library of training videos We also offer one-on-one training.

Do you offer a tech support?

Yes, we have an amazing tech support!

What are our customers saying about TheraPlatform?

Customer Spotlight

Danny Zander

Built a private practice, Sisu Vision Rehabilitation, from the ground up leveraging the TheraPlatform EMR from day one.

Dawn Cotter-Jenkins

Established a Telepractice Practicum and Grew Her University Program Client Load Fivefold

Gary Weber

Rapidly launched virtual therapy services for the Nyman Associates network of therapists and the Speech Success Academy team.


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