Automatic Credit Card Processing and Billing for Therapists

  • Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Automatic credit card processing (auto-payment collection) and automated invoicing are now available in TheraPlatform!

Billing is a big part of running a private practice and sometimes the most time consuming. Think of all time one can spend on creating invoices and superbills, sending them to clients, posting payments and dealing with failed credit card payments. This time can easily add up to a few hours a week or even a day if you own a large practice. The solution to this time-consuming process is automation. 

TheraPlatform now offers auto-billing feature that will save your practice time and money! You have a complete control over this new feature and can turn it on or off according to your personal needs and preferences.

Our Auto Billing Feature Allows You to:

• Turn on auto- invoice and superbill creation so all invoices and superbills will be
  created automatically and you control the frequency

• Turn on auto-send invoices and superbills to clients so all the invoices and
  superbills will be sent to your clients automatically

• Turn on auto-charge credit card so your clients’ credit cards are automatically

A few new small additions

• Automatic notifications to both providers and their clients about failed payments

• Self-check-out via client portal, which allows your clients to pay for services
• More filters for invoicing and claims so you can now search them by invoice
  number, reference number and date, service type, name of the provider, etc.

• Profitability report

• Ability to search through your own resources and videos with keywords

• Improved aging report, etc.

We are working on more amazing new features!

Thank you for choosing TheraPlatform and your support!

TheraPlatform Team

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