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Practice management, telehealth, billing, scheduling, and therapy notes for therapists counselors and psychologists

The all-in-one mental health EHR

Manage your private practice with TheraPlatform, the mental health EHR that includes everything you need, from online scheduling for clients, teletherapy, therapy notes, revenue and payment reporting, progress tracking, insurance billing and more.

Built with dedicated features, like the interactive whiteboard and in-session notes, to serve mental health providers and their clients.

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Exclusive therapy apps and games
Engage your clients

Share videos, online resources, and interactive games. Provide a branded experience in the client portal.

Speed up payments

Accept payments online and send payment reminders to make sure clients know their status.

Exclusive therapy apps and games
Scale your practice

Unlimited clients and no extra fees for teletherapy. Easily add more therapists’ users to your team.

Effective and complete teletherapy

The HIPAA compliant video conferencing feature set was developed to support mental health providers with the best tools for effective remote therapy.

Administrative functions for managing virtual sessions, interactive tools for engaging with clients, and documentation features for convenient record-keeping.

Enhance your virtual sessions with:
Pre-organized Resources Built-in Whiteboard Therapy Games and Apps Two-way Screen Sharing In-session Chat In-session Video Playtime
Gain and retain more clients

Hassle-free scheduling

Pick your date, time slot and set up sessions by service type to start. You can assign observers for training purposes, set up recurring appointments, and add your group sessions.

Add sessions fast, the way you need them.

Increase efficiency at your practice with:
Recurring Appointments Group Sessions Hours of Availability Email and Text Reminders Start Your Free Trial

High quality therapy notes

Access our library of pre-built and specialized therapy note templates. You can customize our templates or build entirely new versions from the ground up to meet your needs.

Capture all the data you need in your notes and maintain consistent documentation for every single client.

Build custom templates with:
Signature Fields Yes/No Checkboxes Text Fields Required Fields Picklists Date/Time Fields
Client progress tracking and insights
Wiley Treatment Planners

Wiley Treatment Planners Integration

Save hours of your time with ready-made plan components.

Customize treatment plans with over 1,000 clear statements describing the behavioral manifestations of each relational problem.

Reliable evidence-based objectives and interventions along with suggestions for homework assignments to accompany them.

Quicker client payments

Automate repetitive tasks like payment reminders to keep clients informed when bills are due and get paid faster.

You'll know when payments are overdue or an invoice needs to go out, just visit the reports tab for a full billing breakdown.

Speed up your revenue cycle with :
Credit Card Processing Invoice Batching Reporting Superbills Email Payment Reminders
Quick and convenient payment processing
Quick reconciliation and payment

Smooth insurance claims

With our built in claims integration you gain access to submit eclaims and track claim status with over 2,000 different payors nationwide.

You'll get updates on your claim status inside TheraPlatform, easily spot pended or denied claims on the built-in reports. We'll even validate data on the CMS-1500 before you ever click submit.

Modernize your claims process with :
Auto Claims Real-time Tracking Claim Batching Automated EOBs & ERAs Real-time Validation

Improve the patient experience

The therapy client portal keeps you connected with clients throughout their care and recovery. Start a secure chat anytime to check in, confirm appointments, and stay on-top of progress.

Customize the experience with access to scheduling, online forms, file sharing, invoices, payments and more.

Uncomplicated scheduling

Customer Spotlight: Danny Zander

"Sometimes people are afraid to start something new. Pursue your passion if it’s important to you! TheraPlatform is very supportive of small businesses, empowers your business and helps make it possible."


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