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  • Tuesday, September 3, 2019
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Text appointment reminders and a few new improvements are now available in TheraPlatform!!
Text appointment reminders are a great way of reducing missed appointments in your private practice and keeping a steady flow of income. Your clients or patients often don’t mean to miss your appointment, they simply forget and calling every single patent is not always possible, especially if you’re a solo practitioner. Text reminders can be the very solution to this problem in your private practice and therefore we make this feature available in TheraPlatform .

About our new *text appointment reminders

• Automated text reminders

In addition to email reminders, you can now send text appointment reminders to your clients. TheraPlatform’s text reminders are all automated so you don’t need to waste time on sending every single reminder to every single client.

• Customizable text reminders

Our text appointment reminders are customizable. You can send both office and telehealth visit reminders and edit a text of each reminder to meet your unique needs.

• No limits on number of reminders

TheraPlatform has no limits on number of reminders you wish to send. You’re in charge of how many reminders you send.

• Flexible frequency of text reminders

TheraPlatform gives you all the power in setting the frequency of appointment reminders. You can send text reminders as often as you need to.


• Email reminders

TheraPlatform always sent automated email appointment reminders to your clients, however we made a few improvements to this feature. You can now change the number of email reminders and the frequency of email reminders.

• New templates for mental health intake forms

We added over 7 new intake form templates for mental health providers. Forms such as GAD and PHQ, etc. were added. We also made a few small improvements to the form builder.

• New addition to our client portal

Your clients can now update their credit card information and cancel appointments via our client portal.

* There is a $0.02 fee for each text reminder.

We hope that with these new additions your practice will have less no-shows and that your practice will continue to grow!!!

Stay tuned for more features to come!

TheraPlatform Team

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Video Recording of Live Telehealth Sessions

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