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Selecting therapy private practice names is a big decision. While many might like the sound of a particular therapy private practice name and settle on something catchy, a business name also needs to be informed by the following questions:

  • Do you want a solo or group practice?
  • Will you use a telehealth, in-person, or hybrid model?
  • What client population, or niche, will you help?
  • What kind of hours will you work?

In addition to your responses to these questions, other factors will play a role while you’re working through the stages of opening your physical doors (or virtual doors!):

Type of therapy private practice names

Therapy private practice names usually fall into a category.

As you come up with your therapy private practice names, consider which type of category you would like to use:
  • Geographic: This type of name includes a reference to the location of your practice. For example, [Your Town] Counseling.

  • Niche: Niche-related therapy private practice names include verbiage related to your niche or specialty. For example if your practice treats kids with ADHD, you might consider naming your practice Miami ADHD Counseling.

  • Treatment type: If you want to highlight a specific type of treatment modality or process you use, then you can include it in your list of therapy private practice names. For example, if you specialize in hypnotherapy you could use the name Seattle Hypnotherapy Services.

It is important to consider reasonable goals for practice growth when selecting therapy private practice names. For example, if you plan to use telehealth, you may not want to limit your name to a geographic region. Or, if you plan to expand to a group practice, you might want to consider how your name could incorporate future growth plans.

Where to begin?

An old-fashioned brainstorming session can help you to think about practice names. Take out a blank piece of paper or open a document on your computer and let the creativity flow. Remember that there are no right or wrong ideas in a brainstorming session. One idea may lead to the flow of other ideas.

Some questions to ask yourself in a brainstorming session for your practice name are:
  • What is counseling like with you?
  • What goals do you help clients achieve?
  • What are some words you hear clients use to describe their pain and growth at intake? During treatment? At discharge?
  • How do your clients feel after a session or after treatment with you?
  • What objects represent your process, niche, or treatment modality?
  • What other words represent your process, niche, or treatment modality?

After your brainstorming session, you can type words and ideas that resonate with you into google. Look for synonyms, other businesses, or products that might generate more ideas for you. This research can also help you find any other businesses or competitors that may have a name similar to what you are considering.

How to use the internet to help you

Some internet market research can help you expand on the ideas from your brainstorming session. You can make a list from your brainstorming session of some words and names that feel exciting to you and then let the internet guide you to get more specific with your name.

Let’s say you want to use the word “healing” in your name and you plan to focus on women with depression. Type different combinations of depression, healing, women, counseling, therapy, and near me into the search bar and see what populates. You can also do the same type of research on social media and Amazon. You will find names of practices that currently exist, what your target niche is searching when online, and inspiration for nailing down that name. As you narrow down your name, ask your friends and family for feedback.

Using keywords

Keywords refer to what words a potential client types into a search engine when searching for help. Keywords can be discussed in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) or referred to as search queries. When thinking about your therapy private practice names, you want to consider what types of keywords your ideal client might use to search when looking for a therapist. It can help your practice website SEO to incorporate a keyword into your name. It might help ideal clients to find you more easily on the internet.

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When you have chosen the therapy private practice name for your practice, check whether the name is available for use. It is also important to check on any similar names so that you can make sure to have a name original to your practice. Important items to check include:

Your state business registry: Checking on the website for your state’s business registry will help you ensure that no other legal business in your state has the same name you would like for your practice. Make sure to also check on the fictitious business listings (or “doing business as”/DBA).

Domain registration: Make sure that the therapy private practice names you select are  available and then purchase the available name for your practice. You may need to keep the creative juices flowing if the name is not available and create some variation of it. Another option is to approach the owner of the domain and inquire about purchasing it.

Social media: Search the various social media platforms for other business, pages, or accounts that may have a similar or the same name you select.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: For ultimate protection of your name, make sure to check at to ensure that no one has placed a trademark on the name you selected.

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Other important tips when choosing therapy private practice names

Some people chose to use their name as a component of their practice name (ex.: [Your name], LCSW). Using your name in the practice can limit opportunities for you in the future if you plan to expand your practice into a group practice or sell your practice. This type of name also does not provide your business with much SEO and does not have a strong marketing effect. It does not advertise much about your practice.

People should have an easy time spelling and pronouncing the name of your practice. You want to make sure that if someone types the practice name into the internet they can easily spell all the words and easily type any emails that include the practice name.

Using a number in the name can add some confusion as well. People might not know if they should use the spelling of the number (Three) or the symbol (3). It can lead to confusion when searching for your practice or sending an email.

When you finalize your name, start shouting it out everywhere. The more people hear your name, then the more likely the phones will start ringing!

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