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HIPAA compliant video conferencing is a must when providing teletherapy (aka telehealth) services. Once you decide that telehealth is right for your practice, the next step is choosing your video- conferencing platform. Not just any platform but a platform that provides HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing. You might be tempted to assume that any password-protected video-conferencing platform is secure but that is not the case. If you are going to be providing telehealth services, your platform and other tools need to meet HIPAA-compliance standards.

Why is it so important that utilize HIPAA compliant video conferencing?

Just like any other process you choose for your business, client privacy and confidentiality is a top priority. Videoconferencing involves the electronic exchange of protected health information and is protected under HIPPA. It is incumbent upon you, the clinician, to be sure that the tools you choose to implement in your practice provide the appropriate level of security to adequately protect your client information. This means HIPAA compliant video conferencing.

A quick Google search will tell you that there are a number of video conferencing platforms out there. However, they are not created equal. Some are HIPAA-compliant. Some are not. Some are questionable.

A secure and HIPAA compliant video-conferencing platform prevents unauthorized third parties from being able to record or “listen in” on a session and provides for secure storage and transfer of data using high level encryption. A HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing incorporates user authentication, access control, audit logs and monitoring for breach, back up of data, automatic log off, etc. It also provides a level of encryption/decryption that meets or exceeds HIPAA standards to ensure that all meetings, data and communications are private and secure.

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Moreover, a vendor of HIPAA compliant video conferencing must not only meet technical regulations of HIPAA but also physical and administrative and perform regular risk assessment to ensure that the software is up to date with HITECH and HIPAA standards. The vendor of HIPAA compliant video conferencing must also sign the business associate agreement aka BAA with the practice owner.

These standards for security also extend to other practice functions such as messaging or chat, client portals, EMR and billing. As the provider, you are responsible for the security of that information. Breaches can carry hefty fines.

In short, any practice function that involves Protected Health Information (PHI) is subject to HIPAA standards. It’s important to choose your practice tools with that in mind.
Choosing the Right HIPPA Compliant Video Conferencing

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When deciding which platform is right for you, you want to consider the unique needs of your telehealth practice:

• HIPAA compliant video conferencing
• Document management
• Electronic records management
• Billing
• Client communication

Meeting all these needs can mean multiple platforms and services that may not all work well together. Not only is that frustrating but functionality issues can impede daily operations and increase the risk for data breaches.

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TheraPlatform is a fully integrated, HIPAA-compliant practice management system that includes a fully functioning, interactive and HIPAA compliant video-conferencing platform. TheraPlatform combines all of your practice functions into one fully integrated system that can streamline your practice whether you’re ready for telehealth or not.

TheraPlatform’s video-conferencing module takes your telehealth one step further. In addition to reliable, user-friendly video functions, you also have additional tools to enhance and enrich the therapist-client experience:

• Whiteboard
• Ability to create your own library of PDFs
• Ability to watch videos during session
• Screen sharing
• Built-in apps and games
• Support for document cameras so that you can even use your favorite books or games with your client

TheraPlatform’s video-conferencing offers therapists the tools to work with their telehealth clients in the ways that work best for their needs.

Ready to see what a fully-integrated, multi-function video-conferencing platform can do for your therapist-client experience?

TheraPlatform, an all-in-one EHR, practice management and teletherapy tool was built for therapists to help them save time on admin tasks. You can sign up for a free trial and try all the features TheraPlatform offers to telehealth therapists.
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Disclaimer: This information does not serve as legal or tax advice. It is only for informational purposes and should serve as a guide to assist you as you work through the decision-making process. You should consult with an attorney and tax advisor for legal and tax advice.

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