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  • Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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We are pleased to inform you about a few nice features and improvements in TheraPlatform!

Here is what’s new:

  • Another workflow for documenting with “missing note” tracker

    You could always find the best workflow to meet your person needs in TheraPlatform when documenting but this new workflow with “missing note” tracker will help you even more to stay on top of your notes and ensure that you don’t miss any note.

    You can now document from “To do” tab located right above the calendar. All the notes that were not completed will show in “To do” tab. The best part about documenting right from the “To do” tab is that you will see all due (missing) notes for all clients in one location and will never miss a note!

  • Your Clients can now share documents with you via client portal

    Your clients or patients can now share document files (e.g. pdf, word.doc, pictures in png, etc.) with you via client portal. This is helpful when clients need to submit their driving license, insurance card, MD order or other necessary documents. 

    The best part about this feature is that once clients upload documents in client portal, all documents will be automatically saved in their charts for you to review at any time.

  • Color coded calendar

     You can now color code: therapy type, meeting status, service location and meeting type and change colors according to your preference.

  • Custom calendar views

    You can now create multiple custom views of your calendar. This offers great flexibility in how you wish to view the calendar. For example, you can have one default view that will show all meetings and you can add another one that instead of showing all scheduled appointments will show only available appointments or appointments by service location, etc.

  • Day view

     If your practice has many providers or provides multiple services, the admin and schedulers can now easily schedule for therapists in day view (in addition to month and week view) using filtering feature for provider type or/and name of therapist.  The filtering option allows schedulers to view daily calendar of multiple therapists at once.

  • In-session scheduling for telehealth

    If you use telehealth in TheraPlatform, you will definitely appreciate this new feature.

    Therapists can now schedule right during live online (telehealth) session. This feature comes handy if you have a client who wishes to schedule or reschedule while in online session.

     Simply click on the “schedule” and your calendar will pull right during live session. Only you- the therapist will see it. This new feature will sure save you a lot of time!

  • Google calendar-sync

    You asked, and we delivered! We now offer one-way Google calendar sync. This means that  whatever you schedule in Google calendar will auto populate to TheraPlatform.

    You’re completely in charge of this new feature and you don’t have to use it. We’ll be adding 2-way sync in the future.

    Here are a few improvements:

  • We added age of the invoice under billing
  • Improved search of ICD-10, you can now type either the code number or the keyword
  • We added filters under “Therapists” link and now administrators, scheduler and billers can filter providers (therapists) by discipline

What’s coming in the near future?

Our team is currently working on video recording of live telehealth sessions. We’ll inform you when this feature is live.

Thank you for being our valued customer and please don’t hesitate to contact us with feature requests.


TheraPlatform Team

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