Top Occupational Therapy Blogs of 2021

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The scope of occupational therapy is enormous, and depending on your setting and workplace, you may or may not have other OTs available with whom to exchange ideas.  Are you getting stuck in a rut with intervention ideas?  Looking to keep your practice fresh while simultaneously problem-solving and bringing in evidence-based practice?  Enter: Occupational therapy blogs. 

TheraPlatform aims to provide occupational therapists with the best resources and has created this list of occupational therapy blogs making waves in 2021.  Blogs were selected based on excellent content, unique insight, potential applicability to the reader’s practice, recent activity, and overall quality.  Websites selected represent a variety of practice areas and cover different professional issues.  If you have a favorite OT blog not on the list, please post in the comment section to share with your fellow occupational therapy practitioners!  Otherwise, get ready to bookmark some excellent reading!



Your Therapy Source

Looking for a school-based blog with activity ideas, research reviews, and printables all in one place?  Look no further than Your Therapy Source!  It is easy for a school-based OT to get lost in all of the excellent content on this blog.  Three recent posts: “How to Optimize Physical Activity and Learning,” “3 Focus Exercises for Kids,” and “Tactile Art Activity” indicate the all-encompassing school-based content that Your Therapy Source brings to you, all in one convenient place.

Emily Marie OT

Emily Marie OT does an excellent job at relaying information about sensory processing back to school-based functioning.  You’ll find information about various sensory processing dysfunctions on her blog alongside specific examples of embedded strategies to use right in the classroom environment.  Emily is also an expert on writing school-based occupational therapy goals.  While she started her blog only two years ago, Emily Marie OT has a lot to offer occupational therapy practitioners.

Outpatient Pediatrics

The Inspired Treehouse

Created by Claire Heffron, occupational therapist, and Lauren Drobnjak, physical therapist, the Inspired Treehouse has information from the perspectives of both professions.  Popular posts include background information and intervention ideas for W-sitting, core strength, attention, and more.  Their “Tricks of the Trade” post series tackles common challenges that arise in pediatric occupational therapy, including managing clothing fasteners, school readiness, riding a bike, and more.  All posts come from an interdisciplinary perspective.  Navigate to the homepage to sort blog posts based on specific skill categories.

The Pocket OT

Not only is Cara Koscinski, the found of The Pocket OT, a stellar pediatric occupational therapist, she is a mother of two children with special needs.  The OT/parent double perspective shows in her blog content.  The Pocket OT offers many practical resources and tips that are manageable for parents to carryover from the clinic to the classroom.  You’ll find sensory interventions, craft ideas, practice tips, information on typical and atypical development—all of the things you’ll need in an outpatient pediatric setting.


Parent Resources

Mama OT

Christine is the founder of Mama OT; the name comes from beginning her OT career and motherhood journey within three short months!  Parents and caregivers frequently seek OT ideas to peruse and carry over at home, and this blog meets that need.  Popular posts include ideas for developmentally appropriate toys, specific methods of using toys around the house to develop skills, and information about developmental milestones and sensory processing disorders.

The OT Toolbox

The OT Toolbox blog was created to be a resource for parents, teachers, and occupational therapists.  It has achieved precisely that.  While themed activities and crafts are common on the blog, there are many informational handouts as well.  The OT Toolbox defines the relevant terms from executive functioning to visual perception and breaks down examples of how certain challenges may impact a child’s participation.  This encourages parents and teachers to make a meaningful connection between intervention and performance.  However, the blog contains a considerable amount of information, so if you decide to use it as an educational resource, be sure to provide keywords or a direct link.


Mental Health

Motivate Minds

Occupational therapy’s roots lie in mental health and the premise that participation in meaningful activities has a positive impact on an individual’s wellbeing.  Motivate Minds blogs about current events and mental health, trends and challenges in OT and mental health, and more.  Not only do they offer a well-researched blog (with references cited at the bottom of the page) you can click through to learn more about, but they also offer tons of resources for practitioners in the field.  You’ll find information about burnout in our area of practice, telehealth ideas and links, advocacy information, the versatility of mental health and OT and so much more at Motivate Minds.


Older Adults

Seniors Flourish

This blog, created by occupational therapist Mandy Chamberlain, explores all topics related to seniors and occupation.  Since 2015, Seniors Flourish has discussed everything from older adult sexuality and isolation to goal writing and precautions.  Her goal is to provide the best resources for therapists practicing with the geriatric population.  Seniors Flourish meets the mark with timely and relevant content that addresses our patient’s needs.

Stay at Home Solutions

If you are interested in home modifications and aging in place (with a touch of humor!), look no further than Stay at Home Solutions.  The content is accessible for aging adults, caregivers, and occupational therapists.  Each post presents a problem: Falling in the bathroom, keeping up with home maintenance, stair hazards, and more.  They suggest several solutions, and recommended equipment is pictured and linked on the blog entry.  This is a fantastic resource for OTs who work with a senior population or treat adults in an outpatient setting.


Adult Populations


OTDude, Jeffery Kou, has a variety of occupational therapy content related to adults with chronic conditions, post-stroke, older adults, and TBI, to name a few.  You can also find content related to trends in OT, advocacy, disability rights, and more.  Sort through the well-researched content by sorting by ‘OT practice,’ ‘entrepreneurs,’ ‘patients,’ and more.  You’ll also find entertainment with an occupation-based twist on Jeffrey’s personal leisure pursuits.  For OTs working with adults, OTDude is a one-size-fits-all find.

OT Toolkit

Cheryl Hall brings a wealth of experience to her blog: Her background includes home health, rehab, sub-acute rehab, transitional living, and outpatient therapy settings.  Expect to find a lot of knowledge in her blog that you can apply to practice in various adult practice settings.  Cheryl offers commentary on safety and mobility, and she writes about professional challenges that many therapists experience.  Blog entries include information about imposter syndrome, curiosity, being an entrepreneur in the field, and more.


The Big Picture: The Occupational Therapy Profession

ABC Therapeutics

Unfiltered commentary on professional issues in occupational therapy can be challenging to find online.  ABC Therapeutics stands out as a narrative that brings in timely topics such as the entry-level OTD, teletherapy, evidence-based practice and technology, and more.  While some blogs come and go, this one has been around for 16 years and counting!  Use ABC Therapeutics to get an editorial view of hot issues in the occupational therapy field.

The Rainbow OT

Devlynn Neu is a rising star in the occupational therapy world.  After minimal exposure to LGBT+ topics in graduate school, Devlynn made it their mission to advocate for education related to the LGBT+ community.  Their “Out in Healthcare” series highlights several individuals who discuss their identity, profession, and advice for healthcare practitioners aiming to respect their clients’ identities.  The interview-style blogposts are enlightening and informative.

Marvelous Mirracles

In her blog, Amirra Condelee breaks down all things finance for occupational therapists. Are you saddled with student loan debt?  Looking manage your variable income when you only get paid per session?  With a relatable demeanor, Amirra wisely breaks down challenges and solutions for OT pay, all while breaking down barriers about salary transparency.  In addition to financial advice, check here for information on early intervention, job placement, and the motivation that will remind you why you selected occupational therapy as a career.



Adam the OT

While not a traditional blog, Adam the OT’s YouTube vlog is an excellent resource for pediatric therapists, especially those with teletherapy clients!  He uses simple materials found in many of our client’s houses and presents multiple creative uses for any given material.  His intervention ideas are highly engaging, perfect for children who struggle with attention during therapy sessions.

OT Potential

OT Potential offers content across many practice areas and professional issues with a high standard for evidence-based practice.  Following the COVID-19 pandemic, OT Potential began highlighting telehealth.  You’ll find articles related to the literature on teletherapy, reimbursement information, and guides for remote sessions and assessments.  Started by Sarah Lyon in 2013, OT Potential continues to be an excellent resource for occupational therapy practitioners.

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What is your favorite occupational therapy blog or blog about your practice area? Share your recommendations in the comment section below!

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