New in TheraPlatform: E-Claim Submission

  • Monday, April 29, 2019
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Our team at TheraPlatform is thrilled to inform you that our new E-Claim Submission feature is now live!!!

Now you can submit all your claims electronically with a click of a button in TheraPlatform, saving your practice time and money!

TheraPlatform’s E-Claim feature is integrated with a major clearing house and supports thousands of health insurance companies. The best part of this integration is that you don’t have to create accounts with any clearing houses.

Our e-claim feature:

  • Fills CMS-1500 out automatically for you.
  • Allows you to either print the CMS-1500 or submit it electronically.
  • Has validation system in place that will review your claim for any missing information or invalid address, etc.  and will prompt you to fix it before submitting. This will help to decrease the rate of claim rejections due to human errors.
  • Automatically process ERA/EOB files
  • Automatically updates status of your claim.
  • Allows you to view the status of your claim.
  • Allows you to post payments from health insurance.

New Biller Role

In addition to a scheduler, you can now add an unlimited number of billers, at no additional cost. The biller role allows your biller to:  Activate Invoices; Create Superbills; Send Invoices and Superbills to Clients; Submit E-Claims; Post Payments; and to View and Print notes in case of an audit by an insurance company. The biller cannot edit or co-sign notes or set up your practice, etc.

Note: We also added a few minor improvements to notes and superbill!

We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature in TheraPlatform and we’ll have more features coming soon!!

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SLEA Takes Online Therapy to the Next Level with TheraPlatform

SLEA chose TheraPlatform as their HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform to deliver online therapy to schools in remote areas. “TheraPlatform has enabled us to be creative and provide effective online therapy”

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Consent Forms and Telemental Health – The Struggle is Real

Informed Consent Forms for mental health providers and therapists providing telehealth services such as online therapy can be a real struggle. Here are tips for informed consent forms.

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