TheraPlatform Customer Spotlight: Danny Zander

Established inpatient and outpatient vision rehabilitation programs at Houston Methodist Hospital and then built a private practice, Sisu Vision Rehabilitation, from the ground up leveraging the TheraPlatform EMR from day one. TheraPlatform User Since 2019

Danny Zander


Danny is an occupational therapist with over 15 years experience in the inpatient and outpatient settings. Danny has specialized in vision rehabilitation since 2009.

She is an ImPACT Trained Occupational Therapist (ITOT) for concussion management and a licensed massage therapist (LMT). She has over 20 years of manual therapy experience. Danny successfully operated a massage therapy private practice before pursuing her master’s degree in occupational therapy and continues to perform manual therapy in the occupational therapy setting.

Danny’s practice, Sisu Vision Rehabilitation, is in Houston, Texas. She provides holistic occupational therapy services that promote independence, happiness, and quality of life for clients experiencing changes in visual function either from neurological vision loss or age-related vision loss. Sisu is one of only a handful of clinics focused on vision and neuro occupational therapy available in the greater Houston region.

The Backstory

Danny worked in the Texas Medical Center for the majority of her career. She was accustomed to the standard EHR programs popular in large hospital systems. While effective for large hospital systems, the EHR programs were not effective for specialty services such as vision rehab and were difficult to customize to her specific occupational therapy needs.

Danny recognized a need for occupational therapy vision rehabilitation beyond the Texas Medical Center and transitioned to private practice at the beginning of 2020. She knew from her professional experience that she would be able to manage her practice more efficiently with an EMR system that catered to a specialty therapy service. Specific features included a user friendly EMR for the non-tech savvy therapist, fully customizable forms, a document upload feature, and an all-in-one system which included scheduling, billing, documentation, and patient communication. She started exploring different platforms in late 2019 before opening her practice.

Founder Sisu Vision Rehabilitation
Location: Texas

"Sometimes people are afraid to start something new. Pursue your passion if it’s important to you! TheraPlatform is very supportive of small businesses, empowers your business and helps make it possible."

-Danny Zander

The TheraPlatform Difference

Over the course of her research, Danny tested several therapy EMR providers and realized the importance of balancing high quality with cost. During the free trial period, Danny had the opportunity to explore TheraPlatform and quickly appreciated the importance of flexibility and diverse options when building out her EMR and growing her new business. TheraPlatform’s library of consent forms, intake forms, pre-built templates, and custom notes gave Danny confidence that they were in compliance and taking notes efficiently. In addition, the user-friendly interface offered quick and easy scheduling and billing features. After a thorough review, Danny realized TheraPlatform offered the high quality, affordable, all in one system, which would allow her to successfully start, manage, and grow her practice.

Danny launched the TheraPlatform free trial in December of 2019, learned the ins and outs from the in-product video tutorials, and was fully operational with the platform before opening her doors in January 2020.

A few months after starting her practice, the pandemic hit. Danny was faced with managing a new business and providing high quality patient care, while ensuring best and safe practice. TheraPlatform’s HIPAA compliant teletherapy option was an invaluable feature for the Sisu practice and offered the ability to quickly pivot as necessary based on client needs. The all-in-one system allowed Danny to successfully schedule appointments, send reminders, document therapy, and invoice and bill sessions. The error detection features quickly identified missing or incorrect information which saved time during scheduling and billing. The built-in reporting system allowed Danny to stay on track throughout the pandemic with all aspects of her business.

Danny continues to build and grow her practice as a single practitioner and TheraPlatform is an essential component to her success. The IT and development teams offer excellent customer service and are readily available and committed to enhancing product features based on customer recommendations. They are invested in best practice and have made specific updates based on Danny’s feedback. The team is dedicated to individualized and excellent service and Danny is looking forward to her continued collaboration with TheraPlatform.

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