TheraPlatform Customer Spotlight: Gary Weber

Rapidly launched virtual therapy services for the Nyman Associates network of therapists and the Speech Success Academy team. TheraPlatform User Since 2017

Gary Weber


Gary is the CEO of Nyman Associates, a Philadelphia-based therapeutic staffing firm that has been serving the Greater Delaware Valley for over 40 years. Its mission is to provide outstanding care to students and patients in our communities through managed service delivery of education and rehabilitation services. He is also the GM over Speech Success Academy, a speech therapy practice based in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania; offering a full range of pediatric and adult speech therapy services.

Gary is a frequent guest speaker at universities and industry events, commonly speaking on topics related to the application of technology for business insight and improvement.

The Backstory

In 2020 the onset of the pandemic introduced new challenges for Gary, his staff, and his clientele. Students were being educated remotely in virtual classrooms and through video en masse, with teletherapy still being a new modality for many therapists, this presented a challenge. They needed a solution that was fast and user-friendly for their therapists’ serving clients with different requirements who had, in many cases, shifted entirely to virtual learning environments. Setup for new seats and onboarding needed to be quick because changes were happening rapidly.

Management of the Nyman Associates staff was also a priority, there were new operational challenges with remote work and Gary was looking for a service that would allow him to audit service delivery, and ensure that they continued to meet clients’ needs.

It was critical that they find a tool for their staff that would simplify the virtual delivery of services.

The TheraPlatform Difference

For Gary, it was an easy decision to jump in with both feet. With TheraPlatform, implementation was easy, it was HIPAA compliant, there were dedicated resources for speech-language pathologists, and it had built-in reporting. All of those things we’re really great for his businesses.

TheraPlatform allowed Nyman Associates to quickly scale up their virtual service offering to meet new, and mounting, requirements through the pandemic crisis. The simplicity of adding and removing therapist users to the system has been an immense help as they’ve had to make continuous adjustments. Within days they were able to move their userbase into the new environment and they immediately started taking advantage of their new toolkit.

Gary’s success in delivering virtual services through this time of crisis has given him and his associates a feeling of reassurance that they can step up and deliver on virtual services when it is the best option, or the only option, for their staff and clientele.

CEO Nyman Assocites
Location: Pennsylvania

GM Speech Success Academy
Location: Pennsylvania

"Switching to virtual was a big point of anxiety for our staff, it’s more challenging working with students through a video screen and TheraPlatform has been a great tool for keeping them engaged."

-Gary Weber

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