SimplePractice vs. TheraNest vs. TheraPlatform

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SimplePractice, TheraNest and TheraPlatform are software tools built specifically for therapists in private practice and include EHR, practice management and telehealth as part of their offerings.

When it comes to managing your therapy practice, two important factors to consider are pricing and features. In this article, we’ll cover pricing and features in detail to help you make the best decision around whether SimplePractice, TheraNest or TheraPlatform is the right fit for your private therapy practice.

SimplePractice vs TheraNest vs TheraPlatform pricing

Therapists in solo and group practices usually find that EHR and practice management features like scheduling, appointment reminders, documentation, billing, and real-time insurance claims submissions are critical to manage their practices efficiently.

If you are a solo or a group practice that needs scheduling with appointment reminders, documenting, billing and insurance claims submission, the prices for each company are as follows for a solo therapist:
  • SimplePractice: $99

  • TheraNest: from $39 to $91 (pricing depends on the number of clients you add)

  • TheraPlatform: $39

In addition to upfront costs however, therapists in private practice need to be mindful of how adding clients and team members can affect the base monthly rate. 

Client pricing

For example, TheraNest has the same rate as TheraPlatform for up to 30 clients, but TheraNest’s price increases to $50 a month for 40 clients and continues to charge additional fees for additional clients. TheraPlatform, on the other hand, does not charge for additional clients and you can add an unlimited number of clients for the stated monthly rate.

Clinician pricing

When it comes to adding team members to group practices, TheraPlatform is the most price-friendly option.

Consider these sample scenarios comparing SimplePractice and TheraPlatform:
  • SimplePractice group practice pricing structure
    • Two clinicians in a group practice using SimplePractice would pay $158 per month
    • Ten clinicians in a group practice using SimplePractice would pay $630 per month

  • TheraPlatform group practice pricing structure
    • Two clinicians in a group practice (on TheraPlatforms Pro Plan) pay $88 per month (An $840 annual savings when compared to SimplePractice.)
    • Ten clinicians in a group practice would pay $400 per month. (A $2,760 annual savings when compared to SimplePractice.)

Scalability and the ability for the software to grow with you as your practice grows is an important consideration that affects overall costs. The table below helps articulate this concept further.

Group practice costs

Cost comparison



Savings using TheraPlatform

Monthly costs (2 clinicians)




Monthly costs (10 clinicians)




Annual costs (2 clinicians)




Annual costs (10 clinicians)




Start 30-day Free Trial and explore TheraPlatform. HIPAA Compliant Video and Practice Management Software for Therapists.

SimplePractice vs TheraNest vs TheraPlatform scheduling features

SimplePractice, TheraNest and TheraPlatform all include scheduling features, however only TheraPlatform and SimplePractice have an online website booking widget. The widget can be embedded in a private practice website empowering new and existing clients to book directly from the site. SimplePractice offers the widget only under its most expensive plan for $99 a month for a solo therapist. TheraPlatform includes the online website widget under their Pro ($49 for a solo therapist) and Pro Plus ($59 for a solo therapist) plans at a more affordable price. 

Secure messaging and chat are only available on TheraPlatform. SimplePractice offers messaging but not a live chat. TheraNest does not offer secure messaging or chat.





Unlimited clients

Appointment email reminders

Appointment text reminders

Client portal

Booking widget for your website

Google calendar sync

Secure client messaging

Free scheduler users

SimplePractice vs TheraNest vs TheraPlatform documentation

Each platform provides documentation features that differ in terms of cost and flexibility. TheraPlatform offers more automation and customization for documentation than the other two companies with the option of adding the Wiley Treatment Plan from all tiers.

TheraPlatform is the only one to use time-saving optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) to extract data automatically from client documents like a driver’s licenses or insurance cards. This image-to-data feature then securely stores the information on the client’s demographics and insurance pages in text format. Automatic data entry improves accuracy and can reduce claim denials.

TheraPlatform documentation
  • Library of templates

  • Ability to build templates from scratch

  • Note template customization

  • Custom documentation available in all plans 

  • Wiley Treatment Planner available under all plans as an add-on for $15 per provider

  • Co-sign capability

  • Ability to share documentation with clients and request e-signatures

  • Ability to e-fax documents and notes and receive e-faxes

Simple Practice documentation
  • Some note template customization available in higher tiers at higher costs

  • Wiley Treatment Planner available in higher tiers at higher costs

TheraNest documentation
  • Templates with customization

  • Co-sign

  • No ability to efax any documents or notes

  • Wiley Treatment Planner as an add-on for $25 per provider

For therapists in niche practices or for practitioners who like to document in specific ways, limited documentation functionality or creating custom templates for higher prices are deal breakers. Additionally, when health insurance documentation requirements change, the ability to have flexible documentation is a definite advantage. 

Documentation features






$39- 91/month


Therapy notes

Assessments and treatment plans

Template library

Ability to customize notes

Template builder

Note duplication

Goals/progress tracking

Paperless intakes & consents

Intake and consent builder

Homework sharing



Wiley Treatment planner

Tier 3 plan

$25/per therapist

Available in all plans as an add-on

Insurance card data extraction

Driving License data extraction

SimplePractice vs TheraNest vs TheraPlatform billing features

While all three companies offer billing features, TheraPlatform offers better customization and automation. TheraNest lacks automation for invoices, superbills or claims. TheraPlatform is the only EMR that offers auto and manual claim submission.

SimplePractice offers claim submission under their 2nd and 3rd tier plans, starting at $69 (solo therapist) and TheraPlatform offers them under their two plans starting at $49 (solo therapist).





Clients can pay online

Credit card processing

Auto pay (client’s card can be charged automatically)



Invoice & superbill batching

Electronic claim filing

Claim batching

Automated claims



Coverage report and insurance verification

Billing reports

Free biller accounts

SimplePractice vs TheraNest vs TheraPlatform telehealth features

While all three companies offer comprehensive plans for both solo and group practices, TheraPlatform offers the most robust and dynamic telehealth features for the buck when compared to SimplePractice vs TheraNest. For example, TheraPlatform offers free telehealth services while Theranest charges $12/month per therapist. 

TheraPlatform’s telehealth features include: 
  • Built-in teaching aids

  • Group telehealth sessions

  • Screen sharing that is interactive for both clinicians and their clients

  • Built-in whiteboard and Pro Plus plan built in-apps

  • In-session video play

  • Video recording session with ability to turn this feature on or off 

Telehealth features




Unlimited telehealth sessions



Group sessions


Interactive whiteboard



Your own resource library


Resource sharing with annotations


Over 30 built-in apps and games

✅ Pro Plus plan

Screen sharing (with access control)


Secure chat



Custom waiting room



Virtual backgrounds




HIPAA session recording


Which EMR is right for you: SimplePractice vs TheraNest vs TheraPlatform?

Through research, free trials, demos and feature comparisons, you should be able to determine whether SimplePractice vs TheraNest vs Theraplatform is the EHR is best for your practice.

Pro tip: Creating a must-have list of features can also help you decide if a platform is the right fit for your practice.

Why choose TheraPlatform as your EMR & practice management software?

TheraPlatform stands out from other platforms for its customization, cost effectiveness and scalability. It offers customizable forms and templates with ability to build any form and template from scratch. It includes more automation for billing and insurance. In addition, it offers a few add-ons such as built-in e-fax and Wiley treatment planners.

Why do therapists love TheraPlatform?

Therapists who’ve used other EHR systems say TheraPlatform is easy and intuitive.

TheraPlatform for my business has been a game changer.
Danny Zander, Founder of SISU Vision Rehabilitation

Therapists who switched from SimplePractice to TheraPlatform frequently report that TheraPlatform is better for the value and billing.

Better than SimplePractice for the value. I spent a lot of time searching for the ‘right’ EMR. TheraPlatform has been the best of all worlds! Reasonably priced, effective HIPAA compliant teletherapy, included materials if desired, intuitive charting options, and available in-system billing through stripe. Currently I'm taking advantage of the system's ability to generate invoices and Superbills automatically. This EMR is really helping me to run my practice more smoothly!

Kendrah B., posted 2/8/2022 (Trustpilot)

Reduce costs with the most comprehensive and affordable EMR.

If TheraPlatform seems like a great match for your business, sign up for a 30-day free trial with no credit card and cancel at any time or book a demo.

If you’re looking to switch from your current EMR to TheraPlatform, we can help! TheraPlatform, an all-in-one EHR, practice management and teletherapy tool was built for therapists to help them save time on admin tasks. Contact us today. This article is only educational in nature and comparisons of each software is based on information provided by each company on their pricing pages. The features covered in this article are the key features.

This article was created on 06/29/23

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