New in TheraPlatform: More practice management and EHR features supporting both in office and telehealth visits!

  • Friday, August 31, 2018
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We are pleased to announce a few new features in TheraPlatform that will help your practice and organization to be even more efficient.  Here are some of our new additions:

Documentation with new types of notes, allowing you to document on both in-office and online clients
  • Document with chart notes, progress notes, assessment and plan of care, and discharge notes (these notes are all built-in and customizable) 
  • Add long term and short-term goals to your plan of care 
  • Use our default templates or choose from our built-in library of templates 
  • Modify our existing note templates 
  • Built your own note templates from scratch to meet your unique needs using our template builder - Attach documents/files to your documentation 
  • Keep track of your client’s goals and progress with our scoring feature 
  • Request co-sing and co-sing documentation as needed 
  • Print and Download notes in PDF format. 
 Built-in Consent Forms 
  • Use our built-in consent forms and modify them to meet your unique needs 
  • Send consent forms to you clients when you add a new client or send them at later time 
  • Receive notification once your client signed consent forms 
 Interactive intake forms 
  • Use our built-in intake forms from our library 
  • Modify our existing intake forms to meet your needs 
  • Build your own intake forms from scratch using our builder 
  • Send intake forms to your clients when you add a new client or send them at later time 
  • Receive notification once the client completed the intake form/s 
  • Review completed intake forms at any time 
 Document template builder for notes and forms 
  •  Build any form or note template from scratch, e.g. intake forms, surveys, screeners, etc. 
  •  Build any note templates and name them the way you want 
 Request demographic information from your clients 
  • You can now request that your clients fill out demographic information when you add a new client. This will save you time as you don’t have to enter this information yourself and some of this information will automatically auto-populate to your documentation! 
New reward games (Pro Plus only) 
  •  We replaced three games soccer, basketball and puzzle. 
New scheduler role 
  •  As the administrator/owner of your TheraPlatform account you can now add a scheduler role without additional cost. This is completely optional. If you (or your therapists) prefer to schedule on your own you can! 
 Activity Log 
  •  View changes you made to your account by reviewing your own activity log. 
We have updated our video tutorials library available in your room under “Video Tutorials”. We also have added number of new articles in our support knowledgebase. We hope you will find these new features and changes useful. We would love to hear from you! 
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TheraPlatform February 2018 Updates

Now you can easily ask your clients to schedule appointments from their accounts. This feature allows you to set your availability during the week and provide clients with time slots to schedule appointments. You can set your availability to be recurring using preset intervals. Use the "Set Availability" button at the calendar view to configure this feature.


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