TheraPlatform meets and exceeds HIPAA requirements. We provide BAA.

Accessible from Everywhere

Join meetings from any device using a web browser.

Best in Class Support

We offer instant phone, chat and email support, available anytime during your sessions and beyond.

High-Quality Video and Audio

We have developed mobile, desktop and web apps that offer the best in class video and audio quality.


Schedule sessions in advance. Scheduling includes automated message reminders.

Resource Sharing

Share your documents during sessions and use our whiteboard tools for interactive annotations.

Interactive Apps

Our platform includes interactive apps tailored to your profession. Apps allow for multi-user live interaction.


Interact with your clients using our flexible and easy-to-use whiteboard.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our platform includes detailed session and progress reporting.

Accept Payments

Accept payments for therapy sessions.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen with your clients and allow them to interact with it.

Time Tracking

Track session time of your therapists

Unlimited Clients

Add and share unlimited number of clients between therapists.

Score Tracking

Keep track of progress during sessions.

Note Taking

Write your notes during or after the session.