Telehealth marketing

Telehealth marketing involves online and offline marketing to drive more clients to your private practice. Watch our video lesson for telehealth marketing strategies.

Top bottom telehealth training

This on-demand video lesson #7 covers:

  • Client, market and referral analysis

  • Your mission and message

  • Your marketing goals

  • Online marketing

  • Social media

  • Offline marketing

  • Referrals

About the presenter

About the presenter

Beata Klarowska, M.S. CCC-SLP is the presenter and author of TheraPlatform’s telehealth training. She began her telepractice journey in 2011 when she helped develop one of the first prototype video platforms in the U.S.A. for therapists. Beata is also one of the founding members of TheraPlatform and has developed over 40 apps for speech, language, and cognition. 

Beata’s clinical career included providing speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing assessments, and therapy on a multidisciplinary team at St. Joseph Medical Center in the Los Angeles area. She enjoys connecting with other therapists and educating them about technology. Beata likes being outdoors with her family, traveling, and reading.