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Practice Management and EHR/EMR Software with built-in teletherapy, a library of interactive therapy apps, billing automation, therapy notes, reporting and more.

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Manage more in less time with an all-in-one EHR for therapists

TheraPlatform is an easy-to-use web-based practice management software. Users can take their practices 100% paperless and serve new remote clients with our built-in teletherapy tools.

Exclusive therapy apps and games
Engage your clients

Share videos, online resources, and interactive games. Provide a branded experience in the client portal.

Payment billing software for therapists
Speed up payments

Accept payments online and send payment reminders to make sure clients know their status.

EHR software for therapists
Scale your practice

Unlimited clients and no extra fees for teletherapy. Easily add more therapists’ users to your team.

mental health ehr
Expand your reach

Serve new clientele who might otherwise be confined to their homes, or unable to meet in-person.

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Everything you need to manage your practice in one convenient location

Features built by therapists for therapists


HIPAA compliant video conferencing, two-way screen sharing, built-in therapy aids and oversight tools.



Calendar, availability sharing, self-serve scheduling, reminders and to-dos.


Billing and Invoicing

Full billing suite, payment tracking, reporting and automation.


Claims Management

Claim tracking, automated EOBs and ERAs, claim batching and auto claims.


Therapy Notes

Flexible note templates, in-session note-taking, easy note duplication and progress tracking.


Therapy Apps

A built-in library of therapy apps and games that target various therapy goals and disorders.

Client Portal

Secure communication, digital forms, resource management, payment processing and more.



Security: Secure client chat, HIPAA compliant video, encryption, database backups, and 24 hour monitoring.


HIPAA compliant video conferencing, secure chat and built-in therapy aids

Virtual therapy that feels natural, that keeps both the clinician and the client engaged.

More natural and efficient teletherapy

TheraPlatform video conferencing features allow you to create an experience for your clients, one that's engaging for all participants.

You can explain concepts, teach problem-solving skills, and work through exercises or therapeutic activities more efficiently than ever before with the built-in resource library, bookmarking tool, and secure chat function.

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Focus your energy on the things that matter most

Give your clients the attention they deserve and improve outcomes.

Software for therapists

Simplify scheduling and minimize no-shows

Scheduling with clients through TheraPlatform is a snap. You can check in with clients freely using secure chat, share your availability, and send appointment reminders through text or email.

You'll cut down on email back and forth and save even more time when you turn on auto reminders.

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Spend less time on documentation

Pull from our library of different note templates and treatment plans, customize what’s there and use our form builder to put together entirely new templates from scratch.

Own your workflow, you can enter notes and document findings on your terms from the calendar, the client's chart, or even in-session.

Explore Therapy Notes Features
Therapy Notes Software
Software for speech therapists

Retain clients and multiply referrals

The client portal makes it simple for your clients to keep up with their scheduled appointments, join video sessions, access homework assignments and submit payment.

Satisfied clients progressing with their therapy are much more likely to refer new clients. Make it an easy decision to refer a friend, with the TheraPlatform client portal.

Explore the Client Portal

Flexible billing, insurance claims management, and automation

Save time billing clients, dealing with insurance companies, and following up on unpaid invoices

Invoice Clients

Invoice your way with flexible options for automation. Generate invoices on a set schedule and automate delivery.

Take Payments

Collect payments before or after a session, automate payment reminders, track payment statuses and automatically process payments with participating clients.

Process Claims

Submit claims, validate claim information, batch claims, track claim statuses and generate superbills.

Data security and privacy are our top priorities

Rest assured that both you and your client’s information will be protected inside TheraPlatform.

Software for physical therapists

Secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant

We make sure that your data is safe by taking numerous security measures.

Your video connection, website connection, and transfer data are all encrypted according to industry standards. Data is encrypted at both rest and transmission.

We keep detailed logs and go through regular audits to ensure we're consistently meeting HIPAA security requirements.

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Customer Spotlight: Danny Zander

"Sometimes people are afraid to start something new. Pursue your passion if it’s important to you! TheraPlatform is very supportive of small businesses, empowers your business and helps make it possible."


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